Featured Works:

A Feral Friendship placed third in a writing challenge hosted by VOCAL in support of the ASPCA. This article tells the story of Nipsey, our ex-feral rescue cat, how he came to be an integral member of the household, and what life with a feral cat is really like!

The Summer With No Tourists

This story was inspired by the recent pandemic and the children who have had to live through it in isolated places. However, in this work of fiction, it's not the air that you need to worry about... it's the water.

Picked up and published by two separate horror publications: Scare Street (Night Terrors 3) and Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing (Dark Moon Digest 42)

You can read a shortened version of The Summer With No Tourists here for free. To read the full version, head to either publication and pay a (small) fee for either fantastic issue featuring this work.

Breaking Rules Publishing Horror Book Project is home to two more of Alethea's short-form works:

Best Friends is the very real story of Alethea's spooky best friend who lived down the street in a creepy red house.

Wendigo is a tall tale inspired by the well-known local legend and campfire favorite: The Mount Katahdin Story. However, her re-telling ends with something much worse than a jump-scare and is not suitable for children...